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Getting Started with Exercise

You've probably been told exercise is important.  It aids in weight loss & can help improve insulin effectiveness for those with Type 2 diabetes.  Where do you start?

  1. Speak with your doctor and get the ok to start exercising.
  2. Discuss checking blood sugar before, during, and after exercise with your diabetes educator.   Learn about when it is ok to exercise based on your blood sugar and whether a snack should be planned.
  3. Select an activity right for you.  The activity should be enjoyable so you stick with it.  It should also be one that is healthy to your body.  For example, if you experience some loss of feeling in your feet, you might choose to swim instead of jogging for a physical activity.
  4. Take it slow and steady.  Start slow and build up your intensity and duration.  A good way to pace yourself is to check your heart rate during your exercise.  Your doctor can help you find a target heart rate right for you.
  5. Stick with it!  Everyone has days that exercising seems unbearable.  Focus on how great you will feel after you've exercised.

Do something for your health today - physical exercise!

GlucoMenu® includes an exercise program for beginners.  Visit the Sign-Up link for more information about getting started today.  Prior to starting an exercise program check with your doctor and diabetes educator.

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