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    I am doing fabulous according to my diabetes educators
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    Type 2 Diabetes Weight Loss
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     GlucoMenu: Becky Walters - 30 Pounds Weight Loss
    Becky Walters - 30 Pounds Weight Loss!


    My name is Becky Walters and I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes.  I started with the realization that I needed to make some serious changes.  I bought a couple of books, read some websites and managed to lose a few pounds.  However, I never got my blood sugar consistently under control.

    Then, I found GlucoMenu, which tied everything together for me.  I began using the menus, and BOOM my blood sugar levels were steady and I lost weight.

    The most significant change, though, was the overall great feeling I experienced.  I have an energy level that doesn't seem to quit.

    My A1C level is down.  My doctor is pleased.  Feeling healthy is FANTASTIC!

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    GlucoMenu® is a Diabetes Self-Management program with meal planning at its core.  There are 365 days of new menus, recipes, grocery shopping lists, and complete nutritional breakdown.  Menus adhere to ADA guidelines (evidence based program) with carbohydrate evenly distributed throughout the day.  There is an exercise program for beginners, behavior modification component, as well as a subscription to the ADA's Diabetes Forecast magazine.


    After 12 weeks, the GlucoMenu Type 2 patients
    • A1c decreased 3/4 percentage point (from 7.11 to 6.36)
    • Lost 14.1 pounds
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    Becky Walters Weight Loss   
    Becky Walters, Customer of GlucoMenu

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