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    My sugar levels are down & I've lost about 40 pounds so far
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    Type 2 Diabetes Weight Loss
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     GlucoMenu: Jason Allen - Over 85 Pounds Weight Loss
    Jason Allen - Over 65 85 Pounds Weight Loss!

    Hello!  My name is Jason Allen and I have been a member of GlucoMenu for over a year.

    I have always been a big guy, but once I moved into an office position and started eating out a lot, the weight started to really pack on.  For the past few years I was around 365 pounds.  I always thought I was immune to the effects of being overweight until I started getting deeper into my 30's and little things started to bother me, chronic indigestion, heart burn, and digestive troubles.  I always wanted to believe these things did not have to do with the way I was eating, like maybe I had celiac disease, or some other problem digesting food.

    Every Sunday in Church I would pray for some way out of being overweight, for strength to eat less and lose weight.  I wasn't listening for the answers though, the heartburn, gall bladder attack, all signs that I needed to change how I ate.  I had tried so many times only to fail and gain more weight.  I finally got the message when after the first of 2012 my doctor informed me I had Type 2 Diabetes.

    My doctor told me he would send me to Diabetes education classes but I did not want to wait and started researching online.  I found www.glucomenu.com GlucoMenu has provided me with the greatest tool to succeed in my weight loss and management of my Diabetes!  I no longer have to fret over what and when I am going to eat, and I have a plan for success that does not require supplements or purchasing a meal replacement!

    So far I have lost over 65 85 pounds!  Within a few weeks of eating with the meal plans from GlucoMenu the heartburn and indigestion were gone!  My A1C and glucose levels are under control, and my doctor says if I continue my progress I can be taken off medication soon!

    If you want to be successful in your weight loss endeavors or control your Diabetes, I believe that membership at GlucoMenu is the best tool you can equip yourself to succeed.

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    GlucoMenu® is a Diabetes Self-Management program with meal planning at its core.  There are 365 days of new menus, recipes, grocery shopping lists, and complete nutritional breakdown.  Menus adhere to ADA guidelines (evidence based program) with carbohydrate evenly distributed throughout the day.  There is an exercise program for beginners, behavior modification component, as well as a subscription to the ADA's Diabetes Forecast magazine.


    After 12 weeks, the GlucoMenu Type 2 patients
    • A1c decreased 3/4 percentage point (from 7.11 to 6.36)
    • Lost 14.1 pounds
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    Jason Allen Weight Loss   
    Jason Allen, Customer of GlucoMenu
    Before losing 85 pounds:

    Jason Allen Weight Loss   

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