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I am a Diabetes Educator, add my contact information to your online database.

Additions to our Diabetes Education database:

Alabama - Diabetes education classes, day & evening

Alaska - Diabetes education by appointment

Arizona - ADA recognized diabetes education

Arkansas - Diabetes classes & one on one

California - Diabetes classes small groups ADA certified program

Colorado - Diabetes classes ongoing ADA certified

Connecticut - Medicare and most insurances accepted

Florida - Many classes and diabetes programs offered

Georgia - Comprehensive diabetes programs

Hawaii - Individualized one on one diabetes education ADA recognized

Idaho - ADA recognized program

Illinois - Diabetes support group & one-on-one sessions

Indiana - Diabetes support group

Iowa - Small group with individualized assessment

Kentucky - Individualized one on one diabetes education

Louisiana - Diabetes Self Management Education Program DSME

Maryland - 10 hours diabetes self management education

Massachusetts - Diabetes Education

Michigan - Individualized instruction

Minnesota - Diabetes education groups

Mississippi - ADA Recognized Program

Missouri - Individualized nutrition counseling & diabetes education

Nevada - Diabetes in general (meters, nutrition, exercise)

New Jersey - Diabetes education and nutritional counseling

New Mexico - ADA recognized program, Diabetes Self Management Training

New York - Diabetes support group, Diabetic Education classes

North Carolina - Meal planning, complications, self management, medications

Ohio - New Technology/Insulin Pump/Glucose Sensors

Oklahoma - Four, two hour classes conducted monthly

Oregon - American Diabetes Association Recognized Program

Pennsylvania - ADA Recognized Program

South Carolina - Meal planning, exercise, foot care, monitoring

Tennessee - ADA recognized programs

Texas - Weight management, meal planning, ADA recognized program

Utah - Diabetes and Nutrition Education

Virginia - Dietitian, nurse, trainer, supermarket class

Washington - Indivualized nutrition counseling and diabetes management

West Virginia - Comprehensive diabetes classes

Wisconsin - Diabetes education by appointment

Wyoming - Diabetes education and suppor group

Outside the U.S.

Mexico - Especialmente para diabeticos que usan insulina

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