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Georgia Diabetes Education & Classes:

Location:  Diabetes Care Center at Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital
Details:  Three part diabetes education program. Offered twice a month. Covers all aspects of diabetes management including diet/carbohydrate counting, monitoring, excercise, medications, compications, and goal setting. Doctor's referral required.
Registration:  Call 229-312-1392 to make appointments

Location:  Health Matters Diabetes Management Program, St. Francis Hospital
Details:  The Diabetes Self Management Program of St. Francis provides comprehensive diabetes management training, giving the person with diabetes the tools to manage their diabetes. Our ADA accredited program includes a multidisciplinary team of educators to assist in devising an individualized diabetes regimen, addressing diet, exercise, glucose monitoring , medications, stress managment and more. Classes are held 3-4 times per month, weekdays as well as Saturdays.
Registration:  For more information or to register for a class call: (706)257-7715

Location:  Health Matters of St. Francis Hospital 3740 Woodruff Rd. Col. Ga
Details:  Group & Individual sessions by Certified Diabetes Educators in our ADA approved program.Insurance is filed.
Registration:  Call 706-257-7670, Physician Referral required.

Location:  Diabetes Management Perry Hospital Houston Medical Houston County Georgia
Details:  Individual Includes Assessment Diet Class Comprehensive education class
Registration:  478-923-9771

Location:  Kroger Health Solutions Center for Diabetes - Alpharetta, Tucker, Peachtree City
Details:  Comprehensive diabetes education based on Core content areas by ADA. Program includes grocery store tour, 6 & 12 month follow-up
Registration:  MD referral - call 770-752-9071 for more info

Location:  109 Graefe St Main floor
Details:  One-on- one diabetes self-management counceling. Complete course is 10 hours over 8 months and 6 appointments. Come learn a little, go way and practice, come back and learn a little more. Program is American Diabetes Association recognized.
Registration:  Call for appointment . 770-460-6500. Fax 770-467-6513

Location:  Saint Joseph
Details:  Comprehensive Non insulin, Comprehensive insulin, Gestational, Pregnancy, Medicare, Insulin Pump , Pediatric pump, Pre Diabetes, Pregnancy. Please call us for more info
Registration:  MD referral, Phonecall or referral faxed, We verify insurance 404-851-5100

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