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    My sugar levels are down & I've lost about 40 pounds so far
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    Maryland Diabetes Education & Classes:

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    Registration:  JMlkIg emaqhmspswhn, [url=]twovhtfnbqjj[/url], [link=]wrzjtaruukfc[/link],

    Location:  Chester River Hospital Center
    Details:  Four 2 hour evening classes or two 4 hour Saturday classes offered various times throughtout the year. Classes include nutrition therapy, monitoring and diabetes self-management.
    Registration:  Call 410-778-3300 Extension 2175 or 2295 for more information.

    Location:  1777 Reisterstown Road, Ste 122A, Pikesville, MD
    Details:  Self-management training sessions offered in one-on-one and group sessions. The sessions cover medications, meal planning, physical activity, monitoring, reducing risks, healthy copin, and problem solving. Doctor referral preferred but not required.
    Registration:  Call 410.602.0006 to register or email us at

    Location:  Northwest baltimore
    Details:  Instruction in all aspects of diabetes self management.
    Registration:  Call 410 486-6800 for information and appointments.

    Location:  15 Walker Ave. Baltimore MD
    Details:  Private assessment and education by a nurse practitioner who specializes in Diabetes.Insertion of insulin pumps with training.Nutrition, use of glucameters, etc....
    Registration:  Call 410 486 6800

    Location:  Peninsula Regional Medical Center Diabetes Outpatient 100 East Carroll St. Salisbury, MD 21801
    Details:  10 hours of Diabetes Self-Management Education in ADA recognized program with nurse and dietitian educators
    Registration:  Call 410.543.7061 for class dates, times and information on the program

    Location:  Germantown, MD Bethesda, MD
    Details:  Individual consultation Group Consultation
    Registration:  Please call or email 301-528-3168

    Location:  15 Walker Ave. Pikesville, MD 21208
    Details:  Diabetes Managment usually one on one, will be groups in the spring
    Registration:  Call 410 486-6800

    Location:  196 TJ Drive Ste 120B Frederick, MD 21701
    Details:  10 hr ADA Recognized Diabetes Self Management Education program which covers nutrition, exercise,medications & stress management.
    Registration:  Call 301-698-7385 or 1-866-889-3231 to register.

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