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    I really depend on the menus, for being diabetic is new to me
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    GlucoMenu® Newsletter September 21-27, 2009

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    GlucoMenu® Turkey Panini

    Recipe Ingredients:
    1 garlic clove
    1/4 cup fresh basil
    1 T. red wine vinegar
    1 T. chopped walnuts
    1 t. olive oil
    dash of black pepper
    2 slices Italian bread
    1 oz. sliced roasted turkey breast, skinless
    1/2 oz. reduced fat, low sodium provolone cheese
    1/3 cup sliced red onion
    1/3 tomato, sliced


    Recipe Directions:
    1.  In food processor, mix garlic, basil, walnuts, and vinegar.  Add oil and pepper to make paste consistency pesto.
    2.  Spread pesto on 1 side of both pieces of bread.
    2.  Place turkey, cheese, onion, and tomato on top of pesto on 1 slice of bread.  Top with other slice of bread with pesto side on inside of sandwich.
    3.  Toast sandwich for about 6 minutes until bread is toasted and cheese is melted, turn half way through toasting.
    4.  Makes 1 sandwich.

    Nutrition Facts per serving:
    Calories: 385, Carbohydrate: 44 g, Fiber: 4 g, Fat: 14 g, Protein: 22 g, Sodium: 501 mg

    Featured Article:  Sweeteners 101

    Artificial sweeteners can be used to substitute regular table sugar.  Sweeteners such as aspartame (NutraSweet) and saccharin (Sweet n Low) are concentrated in sweetness.  One packet of these sweeteners is equivalent to the sweetness of 2 t. of table sugar...

    Read more about sweeteners

    E-mails to Christine:

    What should I do if I've just been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes?

    Tip of the Week:

    A diet rich in fiber can help reduce cholesterol levels and promote weight loss.  Fiber is a type of carbohydrate found in fruits, vegetables, and grains.  To increase dietary fiber:

    • choose whole fruits and vegetables over juices,
    • consume at least 3 servings of vegetables and 2 servings of fruit each day,
    • choose whole grain bread over white bread,
    • eat whole grain cereals more often than refined, high sugar cereals,
    • select brown rice over white rice, and
    • choose whole grain pasta over refined flour pasta.

    The American Dietetic Association recommends 20-35 grams of fiber per day.  The average American only gets 12 grams of fiber each day.

    GlucoMenu® Support Group:

    In this issue:
    1. Actose?
    2. Type 1 & weight loss help
    3. What foods can I have?
    4. Pickles?
    5. Soy Milk? (response)
    6. Snack ideas and Carb limits (response)
    7. Snack ideas (response 2)
    8. Tired of the same foods & Carb limits (response)

    Exercise Tip:

    "No pain, no gain?"  Physical activity should not be painful.  Gradually increase exercise intensity and duration with each workout.  Avoid the common mistake of jumping into exercise only to pull a muscle, strain a knee, or twist an ankle.  Exercise daily to benefit your health not hamper it with an injury.

    Food Picker:

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    Boston Market
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    This product is a godsend, for the first time since I was diagnosed my sugars are in the normal range, even the glucophage wasn't working with my lack of knowledge of what and when to eat.

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