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    I really depend on the menus, for being diabetic is new to me
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    GlucoMenu® Newsletter - Wednesday, September 28, 2016

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    Message from Christine

    Hi Everyone!  This week's newsletter includes:
    • Diabetes Grocery Shopping Tips
    • Denver Scramble Pita Recipe
    • Weight Loss Winner
    • Attention Members
    • Can I eat sugar?
    • E-mails to Christine - What should my A1c be?
    • Weekly Exercise Tip
    • Support Group
    Make it a great week!

    Christine Carlson, Registered Dietitian & Certified Diabetes Educator
    GlucoMenu® Nutrition Director
    Christine Carlson, Registered Dietitian &
    Certified Diabetes Educator

    Diabetes Grocery Shopping Tips

    Grocery shopping can be time consuming and frustrating for those with Diabetes.  Focus on shopping around the perimeter of the store to choose less processed and more fresh foods (the aisles tend to have less fresh and more processed foods).  Many fresh foods will not have food labels, so follow these tips when shopping:
    • begin with the produce section - choose a variety of colors of fresh whole vegetables and fruits,
    • next stop is the bakery - this can be a tempting area but focus your attention on whole grain breads,
    • move to the meat department and choose seafood, poultry, and smaller amounts of other lean meats,
    • last stop around the perimeter is the dairy section - focus on fat free and low fat milk, cheese, and yogurt.

    You are now ready to enter the aisles of the grocery store.  Be cautious of high fat and high sodium items found in the aisles.  Select products to complement the foods you have chosen from the perimeter.  Happy shopping!

    GlucoMenu® Denver Scramble Pita Recipe

    Recipe Ingredients:
    1/4 cup egg substitute
    1/2 cup bell pepper, diced
    1/3 cup red onion, diced
    1/2 oz. low sodium baked lean ham, diced
    1/2 oz. low sodium mozzarella
    1/2 whole wheat pita pocket

    Recipe Directions:
    1.  Heat non-stick skillet.
    2.  Pour in egg substitute.  Turn with spatula to ensure eggs do not stick.
    3.  Add peppers, onion, ham, and cheese.  Turn until eggs are done.
    4.  Spoon egg scramble into pita half.
    5.  Serve immediately.
    6.  Makes 1 serving.

    Nutrition Facts per serving:
    Calories: 213,  Carbohydrate: 22 g,  Fiber: 5 g,  Fat: 6 g,  Protein: 19 g,  Sodium: 408 mg


    Weight Loss Winner

    Congratulations to Hilda Burris from Odessa, TX for losing the most weight this week!  Hilda lost 4 pounds in the last week!  Since starting GlucoMenu, Hilda has lost a total combined 11 pounds and 3.25 inches from her waist!

    Keep up the good work Hilda!

    Attention Members

    • We are looking for people to participate in our ongoing Diabetes Self-Management Study.
      Send me an e-mail if you are interested in the Diabetes Study:  nutrition@GlucoMenu.com or click the link below to learn more.

      Diabetes Self-Management Study
    • Christine's Diabetes Support Group on Facebook - Ask questions, read comments, and get answers from Christine (Registered Dietitian & Certified Diabetes Educator) as well as other members of the Diabetes Support-Group.

      Join me on Facebook!
    • Let's talk!  I've set aside every Friday to chat with customers and see how things are going.
      Send me an e-mail:  nutrition@GlucoMenu.com or click the link below.

      Schedule a Telephone Call w/ Christine

    Christine Carlson, Registered Dietitian &
    Certified Diabetes Educator

    Featured Article - Can I eat sugar?

    In the past, when someone was diagnosed with diabetes, they were told they should not eat sugar.  The thinking was that sugar affected blood sugar more than complex carbohydrates (table sugar compared to a slice of bread). That thinking has ...

    Sugar & Diabetes

    Food Picker® Updates


    Need help deciding what to eat? Try Food Picker!

    Dreamfields Spaghetti
    The American Diabetes Association states 1/3 cup of cooked pasta equals 1 carbohydrate choice...

    Sara Lee Plain Bagels
    Bagels are usually low in fat but high in calories and carbohydrate.  Consider a whole grain bagel for added fiber.  Some bagels are large in size so try...

    Jell-O Sugar Free Gelatin Snacks Cherry
    This snack is very low in calories and carbohydrate and can be consumed more often.  The American Diabetes Association recognizes this as a free food...

    E-mails to Christine - What should my A1c be?

    Q:  What should my A1c level be?

    A:    An A1c test is a blood test that reveals how your blood sugar has been over the past 2-3 months. This test can show high blood sugar you are not aware of as a result of blood sugar testing times...

    Read Christine's Entire Answer

    Weekly Exercise Tip

    No Pain, No Gain???

    Physical activity should not be painful.  Gradually increase exercise intensity and duration with each workout.  Avoid the common mistake of jumping into exercise only to pull a muscle, strain a knee, or twist an ankle.  Exercise daily to benefit your health not hamper it with an injury.

    GlucoMenu® Support Group

    In this issue:
    1. Recently diagnosed & scared
    2. Does stress affect diabetes control?
    3. Can I make pre-diabetes go away?
    4. Craving sweets
    5. Actose? (response)
    6. Type 1 & weight loss help (response)


    I went online and found your program.  WOW, I am so impressed with how you have 'put it all together.'  I started on your breakfasts menu Friday morning and shopped with your shopping list Friday.  What a manageable program.

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