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The information posted below is in no way intended to replace professional medical advice.  Diabetes care is specific and the information below may not apply to you.  People posting to this list likely have diabetes, but probably do not have a medical background.  Always speak with your healthcare team prior to making any changes regarding diabetes treatment.

(#2003-108) - Topics this issue:

     1) Skinny Cow, 
     2) Skinny Cow, 
     3) Skinny Cows Strawberry Shortcake,


From: "Moderator"
Subject: Skinny Cow

From:  "melanie"   
Subject:  Skinny Cow

Please provide additional information. I have never heard of this treat.
Where is it available? I have been looking for a Diabetic Ice Cream treat
and found some low fat ones but not low carbs. Is this one low carbs?


From: "Moderator"
Subject: Skinny Cow

who makes the skinny cow ice cream treats?



From: "Moderator"
Subject: Skinny Cows Strawberry Shortcake

From:  Michelle  
To:  Moderator

Yes,I love the Skinny Cows but I have them only now and then,b/c I could
eat the who thing. Strawberry Shortcake is out of this world!


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