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The information posted below is in no way intended to replace professional medical advice.  Diabetes care is specific and the information below may not apply to you.  People posting to this list likely have diabetes, but probably do not have a medical background.  Always speak with your healthcare team prior to making any changes regarding diabetes treatment.

(#2003-111) - Topics this issue:

     1) Hi Everybody, 
     2) Trans Fats, 
     3) Blue Bunny Ice Cream,


From: "Moderator"
Subject: Hi Everybody
From:  "Sherrie"

Hi Everybody....

I'm sorry about my email and the "carb-sugar thing" what I meant was when
you were reading a label because sugars are DEFINITELY a carb but when I
went to reading labels like on a jar of p-nut butter it might read

                      Carbs: 7

                      Sugar: 3

and then I'd think...oh, 10 carbs but in actuallity it's only 7!  I went
yeahhhhhh as I had been doing that with everything I looked at on the
LABELS.  Twas' good news to me! :o)

Sorry if I didn't explain myself well.  Hope everyone's had a good and
happy Monday.


From: "Moderator"
Subject:  trans fats


So many products have trans fat in them it would be easier to list the
ones that do not.

When you read the words on the label- PARTIALLY HYDROGENATED OIL you know
that product contains TRANS FAT. The process involved is they  pump the
oil full of hydrogen turning it into a solid. Which makes it hard for the
body to break down and use.
Incidentally, my son who is a pathologist, reminded me that it is the
liver that sends out that sugar and the natural way to control blood
sugar is body movement that significantly impacts the muscles. Otherwise
known as EXERCISE.
Four months ago, I seriously tried to cut out any use of trans fats and
recently my blood panel showed it was worth the effort. Cholesterols and
everything but glucose were well within normal range. I lived into my
60's wihout glucose problems and it is really hard to change my
attitude .

Good Luck.


From: "Moderator"
Subject: Blue Bunny Ice Cream

From:  Kristin   

You can find Blue Bunny Ice Cream usually at any grocery stores, and
Super Walmarts have it also.


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