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The information posted below is in no way intended to replace professional medical advice.  Diabetes care is specific and the information below may not apply to you.  People posting to this list likely have diabetes, but probably do not have a medical background.  Always speak with your healthcare team prior to making any changes regarding diabetes treatment.


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1. Diagnosis Question


From: Cindy
To: support-group
Subject: [No Subject]

Hi Christine,

I do have a question. If I keep losing weight can I literally diet and exercize the diabetes away? I started out at 200 lbs, I have lost 23 with Weight Watchers. I am type II but I dont take medication...yet.



From: Christine Carlson
To: support-group
Subject: Response to Cindy

Hello Cindy,

Technically, once you are diagnosed with diabetes, you can not reverse the diagnosis. However, there is plenty that you can do to minimize complications and control diabetes.

You can minimize or delay complications with good control of blood sugar. A healthy diet, regular exercise, weight loss (if needed), and medications (as advised) will help you to control blood sugar and diabetes.

Good job with your weight loss. You are off to a great start!

Christine Carlson, MS, RD, BC-ADM, CDE
GlucoMenu Nutrition Director


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